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Tri-Fuel Regulator Kit

Tri-Fuel Regulator Kit
<no value>Tri-Fuel Regulator Kit
<no value>Tri-Fuel Regulator Kit
<no value>Tri-Fuel Regulator Kit

Tri-Fuel Regulator Kit

Introducing Tri-Fuel. The only kit that allows your generator to run on gasoline, propane or natural gas. And if properly installed, still keeps your generator warranty fully intact.
Just swap your fuel hose (kit sold separately) and turn the dial on your generator to switch between fuel sources.



* Ultimate Flexibility and Convenience

Choose your fuel source on a PRO6.4 generator - gasoline, natural gas or propane. When plugged into your home's natural gas or propane line, you never need to refuel.

* Full Warranty Support

When installed by an authorized KOHLER dealer, the Tri-Fuel kit keeps your generator warranty intact. Unlike aftermarket kits which may void your warranty.

* Earth-Friendly

Clean-burning natural gas and propane cost less than gasoline and help reduce harmful carbon emissions.


Accessory Type Tri-Fuel Regulator Kit
Name Tri-Fuel Regulator Kit

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